The Symposium’s theme reflects speaking with individuals versus talking at them. The focus is on discussion—speaking with others—about research in, the teaching of, and applications of usability, user experience, and communication design. The entire Symposium takes place in one room; as such, each attendee gets to see all the presentations. To foster a “with, not at” discussion, the program is organized into two kinds of sessions:

Presenter Sessions

Thirty-minute sessions where one person (or a panel) shares ideas with attendees, using 15 minutes to share their work with the remaining 15 minutes dedicated to discussions among attendees. The objective is to help individuals plan the next steps of a project, share ideas about future research options, discuss opportunities for collaboration, and ask questions about approaches.  During these sessions, attendees should feel free to interact with presenters via asking questions, making suggestions, or noting areas for collaboration.

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions accommodate the presentation of late-breaking scientific research or preliminary research results. Posters will be on display throughout the conference, and poster creators will present their posters at a dedicated session during the conference.

Eunice C. Williamson Health and Medical Communication Track

SCCI will include a half-day program track focusing on sharing research results, theoretical models, and best practices for conveying complex information associated with health and medical contexts. This track is sponsored by the Eunice C. Williamson Endowment Fund at Louisiana Tech University, and individuals interested in submitting a proposal for this track should include the words “Health and Medical Communication Track” in their proposal. Proposals for this track should be sent directly to Lisa DeTora (